• Academic Integrity

    Academic integrity is an important part of Marrero Middle School’s mission to provide a safe environment for a diverse learning community, which values academic excellence, individual responsibility and life-long learning.  Students are responsible for learning and upholding ethical and honest standards of research, writing, and assessment in all academic areas.  Written or other work which students submit must be the product of their own efforts.  Academic dishonesty, which includes cheating, plagiarism and other forms of dishonest or unethical behavior, is prohibited.

    Philosophy of Special Education

    Jim Jeffords, the US senator from Vermont, once stated, “We have a responsibility to ensure that every individual has the opportunity to receive a high-quality education, from prekindergarten to elementary and secondary, to special education, to technical and higher education and beyond.”  At Marrero Middle School, l we take this responsibility very seriously.  Thus, we have a large Special Education Department, which also houses Gifted and Talented.  While we certainly believe in placing a student in their least restrictive environment, we know that all students have the ability to succeed with the right interventions.  Therefore, we offer a variety of scheduling options in this department, from inclusion to self-contained.

    Scheduling Options:

    A student at Marrero Middle School who has an IEP or a 504 plan has the right to receive interventions.  While 504 students are not classified as special education, they are protected under the rights of the special education umbrella of services.  As a 504 student, the child will attend general education classes, but with several interventions put in place.

    A special education student may attend inclusion classes.  These are general education classes with a special education teacher or paraprofessional working alongside the teacher to ensure that students receive additional assistance in understanding class content. Finally, our most restrictive environment are our self-contained classes for students with Autism or severe developmental delays.

    Interventions offered:

    In additional to the services of the special education teacher and paraprofessional, we also offer many intervention opportunities for students with IEPs and 504 plans.  Many of the interventions provided are listed below:

    • Extended time
    • Assistive technology
    • Preferential seating
    • Copies of the teacher’s notes
    • Test read aloud
    • Child-specific paraprofessional
    • Computer-based intervention programs – Achieve 3000, IXL
    • Small group or individual testing

    Language Interventions Offered:

    We also offer many interventions to assist students in grasping language acquisition.  Some of those interventions are:

    • Computer-based interventions such as Rosetta Stone, Lexia, and Achieve 3000
    • A language line for parents
    • Documents translated into Spanish, Vietnamese and Arabic
    • A Spanish-speaking and Vietnamese-speaking paraprofessional

    Computer Usage

    School computers are available in classes, the library, and the computer lab for student use.  Students are only allowed to use computers for internet research. Students are never to employ communication software such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, E-mail, or other software from the school computers.

    School computers are for educational use. Students are not to download music, pictures, or videos, unless this is part of a class assignment.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in the banning of computers at school, which can adversely affect class grades.

    STAR Academy:

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