Meisler Middle Grading Scale

    • A = 93 – 100
    • B = 85 – 92
    • C = 75 – 84
    • D = 67 – 74
    • F = 66 and below

    Parents/Guardians – Please use the Student Progress Center to assess your child’s academic progress throughout the school year.

Engaged Students

  • At Meisler Middle School, the administration and faculty ACTIVELY embrace the concept that an ENGAGED STUDENT is a happy, productive, and successful student. On this page, you can witness the level of engagement we promote and expect. Whether it’s academic or extracurricular, the quality of the experience is directly related to the level of engaged participation.

    Engagement is possible, and occurs, at every level and in every activity at Meisler. According to Angie Pohl, at the University of Minnesota, the following descriptions reflect an engaged student in each of four (4) measurable areas:

    • Academic Engagement refers to students engaging in instruction and academic work. It can be observed through such indicators as credits earned, homework completion with accuracy, time on task, and standards met.
    • Behavioral Engagement refers to students participating in classroom and extracurricular activities and behaving appropriately. It can be observed through attendance, extracurricular participation, behavior/office referrals, suspensions, effort, and persistence.

    The other two types of engagement are less observable, but critical to school success: cognitive and effective engagement.

    • Cognitive Engagement refers to students’ belief that schoolwork is relevant to their life and future goals. It is also about setting academic goals, using effective study strategies, and being motivated to learn. Students who are cognitively engaged feel that they can and want to succeed in school.
    • Effective Engagement refers to students’ sense of belonging and identification with school, their relationships with peers and adults in the school, and their perceived support for learning. Students who are effectively engaged feel that they belong in the school community.